Montgomery County


HMA Paving and Contracting is proud to serve Montgomery County, which contains the following towns, villages, and hamlets: Amsterdam, Canajoharie, Charleston, Florida, Glen, Minden, Mohawk, Palatine, Root, St. Johnsville, Ames, Canajoharie, Fonda, Fort Johnson, Fort Plain, Fultonville, Hagaman, Nelliston, Auriesville, Fort Hunter, Freysbush, Sprakers, Sprout Brook, and Valley Brook.

Our team comes equipped with the expertise, equipment and understanding of large-scale commercial projects, giving us the power to deliver results that are simply unparalleled. We deliver high quality, long-term results, so you can make a lasting first impression for years to come.

At HMA, we know the most common parking lot paving problems and we can help with paving solutions that range from crack filling to seal-coating, asphalt patching to overlays and complete parking lot restorations.

Our paving and excavating services encompass a wide variety of commercial projects including hotels, schools and universities, shopping centers, auto dealerships, industrial parks, athletic centers, places of worship, apartment and condominium complexes, mobile home parks and many more! A few specialty projects include golf courses, tennis courts, running tracks, basketball courts, horse tracks, bike trails and boat ramps.

We know it’s important to minimize interruption to your business. We will work with your schedule to complete your paving needs efficiently and at a time that won’t disrupt your customers.

At HMA Paving & Contracting, we use only the best materials – a majority of which are NYSDOT-certified. Our suppliers are local to New York and many of the paving material and supplies we use incorporate recycled asphalt materials. We believe in an environmentally conscious business model and know that many of our clients do as well.

When you work with HMA Paving and Contracting, you’re also getting a level of customer service that’s unmatched. Our paving experts will provide you with a no-charge, no obligation estimate for your project. Our work also comes with a full, 1-year warranty on labor and asphalt paving materials for all our parking lot projects.

Commercial Paving Project at Walmart in Amsterdam, NY

Commercial paving project at Walmart in Amsterdam, NY

The HMA Paving and Contracting team has been working hard to revamp the Walmart parking lot in Amsterdam, NY. This project has encompassed a lot of great things. From replacing concrete panels to paving and concrete, everything is shaping up nicely.

HMA Paving and Contracting is an experienced commercial paver that serves clients in Montgomery County, NY and across Upstate, New York. At HMA Paving and Contracting, we work directly with our clients to identify, target, and correct any issues. To learn more about what HMA Paving and Contracting can do for you, visit our contact page or call (518) 664-1014 today.