6 Benefits of Installing a Storm Water System on Your Property

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When it rains, it doesn’t always pour. However, water collecting and building up on your property that doesn’t have a proper place to drain can actually be harmful! HMA Contracting has your answer with drainage solutions for your residential or commercial property. Storm water can contain components, such as sediment, nutrients, bacteria, trace metals, oil, grease, and pesticides. Ensuring that your storm water is being properly drained is very important when it comes to preserving your property.

There are several benefits of having a storm water drainage system installed:

  • Reduced flooding, especially if installed in areas that are prone to flooding.
  • Water can be collected for other uses, such as putting out fires or even drinking (if the drainage system also filters the water).
  • Prevent water overflow that can be harmful to grass and plants.
  • Reduced risk of icy patches that form from water pooling and freezing.
  • Minimizing the spread of contaminants (listed above) that can be found in storm water.
  • Reduced damage to infrastructure such as highways, sidewalks, and underground pipes and cables.

HMA Contracting has the solution to your drainage needs, with the ability to install different systems such as catch basins, retaining walls, trough drain systems, and much more!

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