Asphalt Milling Services with HMA Contracting Corp.

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Asphalt Milling is one of the most common asphalt reconstruction processes. During this method the top layer of asphalt is scraped off the roadway and the pieces are recycled into new asphalt. Undoubtedly during the course of your driving experience, you have seen Asphalt Milling in progress, but you may not have been aware that is was happening. So, what makes it so popular?

Lower Cost: Asphalt Milling is one of the most cost-effective processes for reconstructing an asphalt surface as the cost per square foot is generally lower than other solutions. At a lower cost than most methods, Asphalt Milling saves money on the overall cost of the project.

Environmentally Friendly: Asphalt Milling is environmentally friendly in a few ways. The first, as mentioned previously, the pieces are recycled and then used again. Energy used during production is also reduced which in turn lowers the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint that is released into the environment.

Asphalt Milling is a more viable solution as opposed to laying new asphalt on top of the troubled area. This method will leave you with a surface that is sure to give you the results you desire and will withstand environmental factors and time.

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