3-Step Guide to Asphalt Paving: Step 300

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Step 300: When Your Project Comes to Life

Step 300 in the construction process is when your project comes to life and becomes reality. At this point, you and our sales team have agreed to the precise scope and pricing needed to ensure the desired level of longevity from Step 200. Now, we’re ready to begin!

Getting Started

Scheduling will begin once a contract has been signed by both parties, meaning all parties involved have met their obligations. A schedule will be created detailing exactly when work will occur throughout each stage of completion. This is handled by our project team, who are second to none at delivering the highest quality projects on time.

HMA Paving & Contracting stays with you every step of the way. We know there’s a lot at stake, which is why we make sure all details are agreed upon prior. Our team will have many discussions internally and communicate with you as the client, to ensure no detail is overlooked and your project is seamless from start to finish.


HMA Paving & Contracting has a long history of quality craftsmanship. As with any project big or small, it’s imperative that you hire a reputable contractor who will be able to execute your vision with precision.

Once on-site, our crews make every effort to be safe and act with the highest amount of professionalism. During the construction process you will have the undivided attention of HMA Paving & Contracting with discussions along the way to make sure the project is going as expected.

Our clients depend on us to make their jobs easier, so we take great pride in finishing on time and within budget.

Final Steps

Upon project completion, you will receive our invoice and a survey regarding your project. We look for your input as to how our team performed throughout the whole process.

At HMA Paving & Contracting, we are looking to build long-lasting relationships so you can rest assured we will stand behind our workmanship. We strive to ensure we are providing a product that will stand to last. That’s why we create products that maintain strength and durability for many years to come.

Step 100 & 200 of the 3-Step Guide to Asphalt Paving!

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