Asphalt vs. Concrete, What’s the Difference?

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Whether you are in the market for a new paved surface, or an update to a current paved surface, there are a few choices but you will need to figure out which is best suited for the project. The most common choices are concrete and asphalt; but do you know the key differences?

One of the biggest aspects to take into consideration while planning your next paving project are the weather conditions we face. Throughout the course of a year New York’s capital district is faced with high heat and humidity as well as frigid temperatures mixed with snow and ice accumulation. These weather conditions take their toll on paved surfaces, but, more so with concrete. Severe weather conditions can cause concrete to crack. Additionally, the use of salt to remove snow or ice from concrete can lead to “pit” marks or divots, these blemishes will then lead to bigger issues down the road.

Another important advantage of asphalt is its ability to “self-clean” in the winter. Asphalt pavement absorbs heat from the sun and will retard or eliminate ice buildup. Concrete can’t make that claim.

An additional factor to consider is the appearance and maintenance of both materials. Once an asphalt installation is complete it will need to be sealed. The sealant will need to be maintained and replaced every few years. A sealant is not required for concrete, it can still be done. While the look and integrity of asphalt pavement will remain throughout the duration of its life, concrete will begin to lose its luster and clean appearance. While both materials are susceptible to cracks and blemishes, it is an easier repair for an asphalt installation. Asphalt also gives the ability to resurface if need be.

While the decision ultimately lies with you and the needs of your project, these are a few of the factors to keep in mind. The experts of HMA Contracting Corp. are ready to help you with your project and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today so we can get started!