Been Putting off Your Commercial Paving Projects?

Paving the Way for a 2014 Resolution

Have you been putting off getting your parking lot, driveway, tennis courts, etc. paved? Make it a New Years’ resolution to hire a local paving contractor and get all your commercial paving needs handled well ahead of the warmer seasons. Why wait any longer? The latest hot mix asphalt products allow commercial paving to be effectively and permanently finished even in colder months, i.e. spring and fall. Your parking lot can now be ready and looking finished before seasonal customers and workers start arriving.

At HMA Contracting Corp. we have completed a wide range of commercial paving projects in addition to the standard streets, driveways, and parking lots. Some of the projects we have completed in all temperatures are:

•    Golf cart paths on golf courses
•    Running and biking tracks
•    Tennis and basketball courts
•    Playgrounds

Asphalt pavement is a big part of our modern lives. It makes it easier for all of us to move about safely and it enhances the beauty of our natural surroundings. However, when a pavement is cracked, stricken with potholes, and otherwise broken, it is neither a pretty sight nor functional. It has become a problem and it will continue to deteriorate without the help of a professional paving contractor.

Contact your Paving Contractor Soon to Stop the Damage

At HMA Contracting Corp. we specialize in commercial paving to deliver a number of benefits to your property:

1.    Create an enticing drive-up appeal. People like to shop, have dinner, and enjoy themselves in nice looking surroundings. A potholed parking lot does not give the best impression of your property.

2.    Increase the property value. Anytime you can increase aesthetic appeal, you increase the property value. If you are thinking of selling a property, fixing up the pavement is a great way to get the exterior of the property looking fresh and ready for new owners.

3.    Improve your safety and the safety of those who visit. Liability claims due to slip-and-fall accidents in your parking lot are real threats and a risk not worth taking. They can be expensive and time-consuming, so fixing up your commercial paving is an ideal way to increase your safety.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014.  Our highly qualified and experienced team of paving contractors will assess your property and give you a free commercial paving estimate. See our testimonials page for some referrals from happy customers.