Best Practices for Parking Lot Maintenance

A parking lot is the front face of your business and keeping it in good shape is key to maintaining a professional exterior of any property. The most effective parking lot maintenance program is one that implements best practices to keep the parking lot in good working order as well as looking nice and neat. Let’s look at some of the common problems that cause parking lot paving issues.

The Most Damaging Elements Affecting Parking Lot Maintenance Efforts Today


What are the most damaging elements affecting parking lots today? While parking lots were designed to withstand the elements and years of abuse from humans, the most common damaging elements causing parking lot maintenance today include:

●    Oxidation – temperature changes and water as well as the lasting effects of sun damage cause oxidation, which breaks down the chemical make-up of the asphalt surface


●    Corrosion – petrochemicals like gasoline, motor oil, and antifreeze as well as battery acid, chlorine, and other chemicals work to deteriorate asphalt over time


●    Poorly performed repairs – often, repairs done in an attempt to properly maintain the parking lot paving surface are not done well and ultimately cause further damage

As you might expect, different types of deterioration call for different parking lot maintenance efforts and repairs. It’s critical to play a proactive role in maintaining your paving surface.

3 Tips for Practical Parking Lot Maintenance


There are many methods a property owner can implement to ensure good parking lot maintenance. By implementing the following tips and staying on top of parking lot damage, the expense and effort of maintaining your parking lot can be significantly reduced.

1. Protect your parking lot pavement – items like glass, loose debris and small rocks will eventually wear down the asphalt if not swept away regularly. Snow plow services can loosen the surface of some parking lot surfaces too. These effects work to ruin your asphalt’s smooth surface.


2. Prevent potholes and repair cracks

– the failure to identify and stop potential potholing and cracking means aesthetic damage to your parking lot. Cracks and holes allow water to collect, freeze and expand, and cause further damage, so preventing and repairing the surface is critical to long-term upkeep.


3. Work with a parking lot paving expert to apply proper protection such as sealants, overlays, and other relatively new parking lot maintenance measures. This can save you money over time by maintaining the parking lot paving in good shape instead of continually repairing an unprotected one.

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