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At HMA Paving & Contracting our site development team provides essential services to Commercial Real Estate Developers to determine infrastructure and roadway priorities for developers and local municipalities. For over 28 years, developers and engineers around the Capital Region have trusted us for their subdivision and roadway projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with complex custom projects while providing quality work on time and as planned. We handle every aspect of subdivision development, bringing an unmatched level of expertise and safety to every job. Creating a new commercial subdivision means expanding upon and growing a community. As members of this community, we make it our business to ensure these projects are done to the highest of standards.

For the purposes of this guide, we are going to be focusing in on the importance of commercial subdivision infrastructure, and how our experts at HMA Paving & Contracting can ensure your new commercial subdivision project runs smoothly. Infrastructure, meaning the structures, equipment, physical assets, and facilities of a commercial building project, are critical for longevity and safety. New commercial projects are long term investments for communities and developers.

A few key benefits of solid initial infrastructure are:

  • Improved health and safety of residents
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Elevated aesthetics
  • Opportunities for new employment

Infrastructure is not only important to the big picture of development, but it also comes into play as homeowners or renters are choosing where to settle down. A community that is newer, or has updated or well-maintained infrastructure, stands out as having a higher value than a community which might not have the most up to date and well looked after system.

What exactly is a subdivision? Subdivision is the process of dividing up a piece of land into smaller parcels. Why does land get subdivided? The process of subdivision is done to reduce taxation, or for selling or renting of different parts of the land. This is done to commercial, industrial, and residential categories. Subdivision can be an extremely profitable for developers and businesses. When looking at a singular plot of land, a developer will map out each individual space for roads, houses, apartments, or whatever the use of the land may be. This is dependent on receiving the green light from all city and town officials.

To subdivide land in any project, the first step is to understand and be aware of all permits and codes set forth by local ordinances such as zoning laws and building permits. These can take time to receive and are crucial to your project being approved to begin.

Our Site Work Subdivision Services Include:

  • Land Clearing Including Excavation and Compaction
  • Stripping of Soil
  • Grading & Earthwork
  • Construction Site Prep
  • Material Supplies
  • Building Pad Installation
  • Building and Paving of Roadways, Driveways and Parking Lots
  • Construction of Storm Water Systems
  • Water Utilities Installation
  • Concrete Curbing and Sidewalk Installation
  • Constructing of Community Amenities Including Bike Paths and Walkways

At HMA Paving & Contracting, infrastructure is a top priority. With years of experience, our team will work to ensure that your commercial project exceeds expectations.

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