Don’t Let Potholes and Winter Pavement Damage Hurt Your Business

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Fix Potholes and Pavement Damage Early

It’s just about safe to say that the warmer weather is clearly on its way. With spring getting ready to kick winter into the history books, it’s time to start planning for and scheduling pothole and winter damage repair.The cold northeast winters often wreak havoc on parking lots and other commercial paved properties. When problems appear and repair and/or resurfacing needs to be done, it’s more than just cleaning up the aesthetic appearance of your pavement that you should be concerned with.

In fact, fixing weather-damaged pavement now will result in the following:

• Repairs will prevent your customers from having a discouraging impression of your business and brand
• Pavement that is in disrepair can have a negative effect on your property value
• Without repairing your pavement, additional issues can arise, causing additional costs to be incurred

Most Important — Liability Issues:

• Liability issues can put your business at risk from damage to vehicles and/or personal injury

How Weather Affects Pavement

As of March 2014, 18 states had all-time record cold and all of us in the northeast know the extent of the harsh winter weather we had this past winter. More often than not, weather is the number one culprit for causing surface damage to paved areas. So beyond the heat and direct sun in the summer, the brittleness of the asphalt can then be impacted by rain and snow during the colder months.

As the moisture seeps down into the cracks, it can start to wash away the foundation. This causes a weakening of the pavement and can lead to buckling in the cold weather. Even with some settling of the pavement, as the weather changes over to warmer temperatures, the foundation continues to erode. Without repair or maintenance, this process continues year after year and calls for professional intervention and repairs.

Preventative maintenance and regular repair can help eliminate higher costs later, not to mention loss of business or the possibility of customer injury.

Pothole Damage, Customers, and Your Bottom Line

According to AAA, pothole damage costs drivers $6.4 billion per year. That’s a lot of angry drivers. Any customer who incurs damage from a pothole might easily avoid returning to your business, not just this year, but for good. The cost created by potholes now extends to a business’ bottom line.

We here at HMA Contracting have a professional team of commercial paving experts who have been repairing potholes and winter damage for many seasons. In fact, we’re paving professionals who specialize in asphalt repair in the northeast. Don’t be the business owner who greets people with damaged, pot-holed, and buckling pavement.

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