Green Paving Asphalt Solutions

Featured Image for Green Paving: Environmentally-Friendly Paving Options from HMA

It’s officially spring, and while we still have a little time before everything is lush and green again, it’s a great time to look into our green paving options.

HMA takes pride in delivering a wide range of green paving solutions. Our team cares about the environment has several options to ‘go green.’ Here are a few:

  • Warm-mix asphalt allows the asphalt to be produced and placed in position at lower temperatures, which saves fuel and energy costs and decreases greenhouse gasses.
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavements, which can be mixed into new pours, also reduce the carbon footprint of new pavements and save landfill space at the same time.
  • Porous asphalt – also known as permeable or open-graded asphalt – is an innovative asphalt with reduced fine-grains in the mix. The result is a green paving product that allows water to drain through its porous asphalt surface. During a storm or steady rainfall, water runoff flows over traditional pavement and picks up pollutants which are then transferred into the surrounding landscaping or local streams and storm systems. With porous asphalt, that potential environmental damage is greatly reduced.

As a leader in green paving solutions we look forward to working on your project.

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