Hiring a Contractor for Big Jobs: A Checklist of Questions to Ask

Sometimes, when seeking a ‘vendor’ or ‘supplier’ for anything on a large scale, businesses will bend over backwards to win the contract — but do you know the things to look for when considering a paving contractor? We’ve got a list of questions and inquiries you should make:


  1. Always check with the Better Business Bureau
  2. If looking at different bids, weigh what’s included vs. what’s missing (the more expensive might offer more and/or the cheaper might be missing a lot of things that standard bids *do* include)
  3. Is the paving contractor licensed and bonded?
  4. Is the contractor insured? What exactly is insured?
  5. Is their workers’ compensation insurance up to date?
  6. What is included in their general liability insurance?
  7. Does the contractor have other projects and examples of the same size and scope?
  8. Is the company going to rent equipment or do they have their own?
  9. How does the contractor guarantee the quality of materials being used?
  10. Is the contractor a member of industry organizations and/or do they have certifications to share with you?

Feel free to ask us any questions you want. And, please do ask for references and work examples, we’re not shy — in fact, we’re quite proud of our work and will be happy to discuss projects in detail.