It Is Never Too Early to Plan Your Parking Lot Maintenance

A parking lot maintenance plan does not have to be a decision that comes about only when the condition of your asphalt paving has already deteriorated significantly. Thinking ahead can, in fact, prove to be a cost-saving measure, so be aware that is never too early.

A good, well-designed parking lot will last for 20-25 years. The conditions in which the parking lot are constructed have a strong influence on how well a parking lot lasts.

When budgeting for parking lot maintenance and repairs, what general guidelines should be followed? At HMA Contracting Corp. our asphalt contractors understand that there is no one standard solution for repairing every parking lot. For lots that are structurally sound and not showing significant sub-base failures, the best option is to start regular parking lot maintenance and seal coating. This involves:

• Filling cracks
• Cutting out and replacing deteriorated areas
• Seal coating with 2 coats of good cold tar sealer

This is usually done every 3-5 years depending on traffic levels. Over time, the amount of patch work that has to be done will decrease.

In some cases, a parking lot was not installed well and is not structurally sound. This commonly occurs because parking lots are the last project to be completed at a construction site. As such, it is commonly the ideal place for the construction company to cut corners and stay within the depleting budget. The parking lot looks great in the beginning but quickly degrades with regular use. In this situation, it may be necessary to have a complete pavement analysis done by an experienced asphalt contractor. Sometimes, the flaw is in a very thin layer of asphalt over a good sub-base. In this case, patching and overlay is a good option that will work well.

If sub-surface water is a problem, then your parking lot maintenance may involve the installation of drains to properly divert the water where it needs to go prior to installing the overlay.

The Top Contributors to Pavement Deterioration

There are many factors that lead to premature parking lot deterioration – the following are the top contributors:

1. Poor original construction quality

2. Too-heavy loads placed upon the pavement and stressing it

3. Petroleum spills – asphalt is an oil-based material and any oil product that is spilled on it dissolves the cement bonds and causes failures

4. Cracks – asphalt is a flexible pavement by design. While cracks are a part of the natural aging process, when left unfilled, those cracks allow water to penetrate and cause potholes and other problems

Your effective parking lot maintenance plan is just a phone call away. Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014. Our skilled asphalt contractors will assess your current pavement condition and give you a free estimate for parking lot maintenance and repair.