Advantages of Working with HMA – Our Process

HMA Contracting Corp. is a leading New York Asphalt Paving and Excavating Contractor servicing the Upstate New York Area near the Capital Region surrounding Albany, NY.

As a leader in the New York pavement industry, we understand the importance of properly installing pavement surfaces to specification. Here’s what you can expect from our process.

Before Getting Started

First, our crew comes to inspect the existing surface to see how we can solve any existing issues. This process allows us to fully determine the best way to execute your project. We also use this opportunity to fully inform you on what to expect and provide details outlining the process.

During the inspection, we’ll conduct coring of the asphalt pavement. This simply means we’ll be using standard tests and measurements to determine field density or other properties of the asphalt.

Next Steps

Our findings will determine which of the five plans of action below are best for your project.

1: Basic Overlay

2: Repair Isolated Areas

3: Mill Off Existing Pavement

4: Remove Blacktop Down to Existing Sub-Base

5: Excavate Out All of the Sub-Base


Once the plan of action is decided, you and our sales team will review the precise scope of work and pricing needed to ensure the desired level of longevity. Scheduling will begin once a contract has been signed by both parties, detailing exactly when work will occur throughout each stage of completion. This is handled by our project team, who are second to none at delivering the highest quality projects on time.

Once on-site, our crews make every effort to be safe and act with the highest amount of professionalism. During the construction process, you will have the undivided attention of HMA Paving & Contracting with discussions along the way to make sure the project is going as expected.

Upon project completion, you will receive an invoice and survey regarding your project. Our process is that straightforward, and we’re confident we’ll deliver a quality product that will last for years to come.

For detailed information on your processes, read our 3-Step Guide to Asphalt Paving!

  • Step 100 – Inspection & Asphalt Coring of Existing Pavement
  • Step 200 – A Plan Showing Options based on Inspection
  • Step 300 – When Your Project Comes to Life

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