Paving with Integrity: Understanding Quality with Asphalt Paving

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Asphalt paving may be a common fixture, but the application of pavement materials is anything but easy. Paved surfaces that are done correctly will hold the load – whether it is parked vehicles, daily traffic or even foot traffic.

Properly constructed paving requires less repair and upkeep over the years. So, while you pay a little more upfront for quality paving, you get a higher return on that investment over time. At HMA Contracting Corp., we believe that paving with integrity is key. We provide our clients with long-lasting commercial paving and our business is built on the principles of integrity and customer services. Request referrals from past clients to see just how reliable our paving services are.

How to Know You Are Hiring a Trusted Commercial Paving Company

Companies come and go in the industry, so finding a quality contractor is important. To ensure you are hiring a company that will do the job right and never sacrifice quality, you need to look for a few key factors:

  • Materials – Asphalt can be recycled multiple times, creating various grades of asphalt pavement. While this is an acceptable practice, the percentage of recycled materials matters. You do not want a high percentage of low-grade paving, because this will ultimately affect the quality of the finished surface. Make sure the company you work with offers a higher percentage of quality-grade asphalt within their materials.
  • Equipment – Asphalt paving can be done by hand, but a quality commercial contractor relies on machinery and the right equipment. These machines come with a high price tag, but offer exceptional efficiency. Therefore, a company willing to invest in advanced equipment is an indication of their project reliability.
  • Crew – You want a commercial paving company that hires skilled asphalt experts for their crew. You also want to make sure every contractor or employee is covered under the company’s policy.
  • Referrals – Request and follow up on past referrals from a pavement company. You can tell a lot by past customers’ experiences and even ask how their pavement has held up over the years.
  • Compact Thickness versus Asphalt Thickness – When hiring a company, make sure you agree upon the compact thickness. This is because asphalt is first laid down by a paving machine, then compacted using a rolling machine. So, the initial thickness is compacted and will decrease. A quality contractor will quote a price based on the desired compact thickness.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014. Our crew of asphalt paving experts pride ourselves on integrity within our company operations and with every project we take on.