Permeable Asphalt Pavement Solutions with HMA Contracting Corp.

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HMA Contracting Corp. offers high-quality, sustainable permeable paving solutions for their clients and projects.

HMA Contracting Corp. offers a wide variety of paving solutions for our clients and offer extensive knowledge and experience so you know the job is being handled properly and with care. One such solution that we offer is permeable asphalt paving.

What Is Permeable Pavement
Permeable pavement is the act of using a bonding agent mixed with aggregates to form small gaps. It is a sustainable material used to allow water to flow through its surface and into the graded stone and soil below. Many permeable pavement mixtures use recycled pavement or rubber, to name a few. Each project uses multiple layers in order to complete the permeable filtration system. When used with other storm water management systems, it is able to reduce the amount of pollution entering the ground and water supplies.

Is Permeable Pavement Right For Your Project

There are many great places that can benefit from permeable asphalt pavement including driveways, parking lots, paths, and emergency access roads. It is most commonly used for low volume infrastructures, but, can certainly be used for high volume infrastructures as well. The porous layers help to prevent water buildup on the roads and pathways. Standing water is known to cause numerous issues for businesses in addition to homes.

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As a leader in asphalt paving solutions in the Upstate New York area we have completed numerous paving projects and can find a solution to fit your needs. Our team of professionals care about the environment and strive each day to provide sustainable energy solutions. We have completed permeable paving solutions for many industries and facilities including: commercial buildings, shopping centers, apartment and condominium complexes, schools and universities and many more! Contact us today for your free estimate!