Plan Now for Your Commercial Paving Project

While some commercial paving projects can be completed in the winter months, most business owners and property managers prefer to have them completed in the warmer months. HMA Contracting Corp. is a paving contractor with years of experience. We can help you plan your commercial paving project now – ahead of the busy season – so that you’re prepared and ready to go as soon as the temperatures thaw.
In developing a commercial paving plan, there are many important details to consider, including the following:

• maximum parking capacity during the parking lot repair or reconstruction

• the safety and convenience of sidewalks and pedestrian flow

• obstructions, visibility of signs, and pedestrian visibility

When completed, the parking area should be functional, fit into the overall theme of its surroundings and be aesthetically pleasing as well as safe. By completing the planning for your commercial paving project in the winter, we’ll have time to adequately address every issue and your paving project will not only go smoother, it will be faster.

In reviewing your parking lot’s condition, our commercial paving team will help you examine:

• Drainage issues – drainage problems are a frequent cause of parking lot failures especially in areas with colder temperatures. Winter is an excellent time to evaluate the drainage issues of your parking lot and consider any redesign that may be necessary so it’s identified early in the process.

• Sub grade issues – a finished sub grade should not deviate from the required grade. Also, if any sub grade layers need to be replaced, it’s a good idea to know ahead of time so we can determine how far down we’ll need to go to replace the load-supporting layers.

• Potholes, cracks and other signs of wear – our team will examine and map out the existing potholes, cracks, and other signs of wear so we can be prepared to repair those issues prior to pouring the hot mix asphalt.

• Materials – because we’ll be working ahead of schedule, our team can pre-order the right amount of material and have it delivered in time for your commercial parking lot repaving project.

Having a plan prior to starting a commercial paving project is essential. Starting early means we’ll have the time to carefully assess the parking lot’s current condition and even compare it against what we discover closer to starting the project. Planning ahead helps ensure availability of materials, the paving contractors and equipment to get your parking lot project completed in record time.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014. Our team has years of experience with planning and completing commercial paving projects of all types and sizes.