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Parking lot

Our HMA Paving and Contracting team has been spearheading commercial paving projects in the Capital Region for almost 30 years. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality paving solutions, and love working with our community to design custom plans.

A custom paving project is a great idea for many reasons! One reason is that a beautiful and clean looking pavement area is great curb appeal for your business or commercial building. A custom project can also help you to utilize your space in a more effective, and sometimes fun, way. Our team has worked on a diverse portfolio of projects including parking lots, intricate driveway designs, pickle ball and tennis courts, and more! Creating fresh and unique paving projects is what our team does.

It’s important to remember that paving projects don’t last forever and keeping up with your noticeable issues can help extend the life of your project. Our team has years of experience with project maintenance and upkeep including crack filling and sealcoating, patching, overlays, complete restorations and more! Our team even offers custom parking lot maintenance programs to ensure that you are extending the life of your lot and ensuring it’s safe for all!

Why is Paving Project Maintenance Important?

Keeping your paving project well maintained is important for many reasons. One of the main reasons being safety! The safety of your employees, and the general public who will be visiting or utilizing your project space, is paramount. A properly maintained parking lot or road will limit the possibility of injury for those who walk or drive on it. Cracks or potholes are likely to cause trips, falls, and damage to vehicles! For parking lots in particular, maintaining the pavement and the lot striping is incredibly important to ensure that the flow of traffic is easily visible to all.

The most common signs of parking lot paving issues are raveling (loose sand and stone), spider cracks, wide longitudinal joints, alligatoring (pavement begins to look like alligator skin), and localized or massive failures. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to our team for a free consult today!

Our commercial asphalt paving experience includes commercial buildings, shopping centers, hotels, apartment and condominium complexes, churches, schools and universities, automobile dealerships and industrial parks, hotels, and more.

Let Our HMA Team Design Your Next Custom Asphalt Paving Project!

At HMA Pacing and Contracting, our experienced team will provide you with a free estimate for your project, and all our work comes with a full 1-year warranty on labor and asphalt paving materials. Our pledge to our community is to go green whenever possible. The high-quality materials that we utilize are from local suppliers and the majority of materials are NYSDOR- certified and incorporate recycled asphalt. To learn more about what HMA can do for you, contact us, or give us a call today at 518-664-1014!

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