Tennis Court Maintenance, Repair and Paving — The Top 10 Things You Should Know

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Proper tennis court construction and maintenance are key to a good quality playing surface. A cracked or unleveled court affects the quality of the game and compromises players’ safety; both of which are bad for business. Regular maintenance, on the other hand, helps increase the court’s lifespan and reduces your repair costs considerably. Read our ten tips on tennis court asphalt paving to stay on top of your game.

Top 10 tips for tennis court asphalt paving maintenance and repair:

1. Do a yearly inspection for cracking, peeling and other forms of damage. Resurfacing fills the cracks and is usually done when they are minor and the unevenness is not extreme. Badly cracked courts may, however, need repair which involves a new tennis court construction over an existing base. For tennis courts with structural problems, e.g. structural cracks throughout the slab, settlement in the foundation, etc. it is preferable to have it completely redone.

2. Regularly inspect, clean and repair the area drains outside the court. Water penetration is a major cause of the deterioration of asphalt surfaces. Proper drainage reduces the risk of early damage and prevents accidents that are typical of a slippery or wet and worn out surface. Check drains for leaks and breaks and repair them immediately.

3. Keep the court clean. Dirty courts wear out prematurely. Remove weeds and grass from edges. Use a blower to remove stones, dust, debris, insects and leaves. Wash with water and a mild detergent.

4. Use extreme caution when using a high pressured power washer. It can damage the surface.

5. Caulk and seal expansion joints. This prevents the water from reaching below the court slab which can lead to heaving or settlement issues and expensive repairs.

6. Attend to cracks as soon as you see them. Filling cracks is easier and less expensive when compared to resurfacing an entire tennis court.

7. Hire a tennis court asphalt paving company, not a driveway paver. Tennis court construction, repair and maintenance require specialized paving equipment as well as a highly experienced crew. The formula for driveway paving material is different and not ideal for your playing surface.

8. New constructions must consider which direction is best. Glare, heat and water are asphalt’s worst enemies. An established tennis court construction company will advise you about the slope of land and which direction your court should face to reduce maintenance efforts and costs as well as extend the life.

9. Get more than one quote for tennis court construction or asphalt paving. It will give you some idea of the kind of service that is available.

10. Don’t let price govern your choice of service. The quality of tennis court construction and asphalt paving impacts everything right from its aesthetic appeal to performance and how often it needs maintenance. Make sure the company you hire is up to the job.

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