The Importance of Drainage Systems During Winter

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When checking over your home or business for repairs, it’s crucial to evaluate your drainage system, as well. Drainage systems are especially important in the winter months, when there is rain and snow to worry about. Without a fully-working drainage system, you could sustain property damage.

Without a proper drainage system, your foundation could be at risk from water runoff, which is especially prevalent in the winter months. If they cause cracks in your foundation, further risk could be caused in the structural integrity of the building. Standing water can also put the building integrity at risk, as it can cause wood to rot.

Proper drainage systems can also decrease your building’s risk of mold growth. Mold growth is encouraged by an environment that is heavy in moisture, which will happen without a proper drainage system. When this happens, and mold begins growing, it will continue until the moisture is removed from the home. In the meantime, exposure to mold can lead to many health issues and health code violations, if you’re running a business out of the building.

Another issue of concern involves inadequate surface drainage. Standing water on driveways and parking can lead to damage from freeze-thaw cycles. Further, in winter wet or standing water produces ice patches. Proper surface drainage can help avoid the costly lawsuits from falls and “fender benders”. HMA has the skills to identify and eliminate standing water problems.

If you find yourself in need of a new drainage system, or drainage system repairs, contact HMA for your free estimate.