The Ultimate Guide to ADA Compliance for Your Commercial Parking Lot

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When planning a parking lot project, it’s incredibly important to ensure that the space you are building will be safe and accessible to all. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal civil right law that was created to ensure that all public areas are accessible to all persons. The ADA heavily comes into play when constructing a parking lot, and our HMA team has created a guide for you to follow!


Accessible parking spaces must be located in the parking lot, on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible entrance to your building. An accessible route to your building will not contain curbs or stairs and should not have a ramp slope greater than 1:12 in all directions of travel. All parking spaces should be on a firm, slip resistant ground.

Amount Of Accessible Space

Per the ADA, for every 25 parking spaces, there should be one designated handicap spot. One in every six handicap-accessible spaces should be designed for large van access. For a further breakdown, view the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design chart on the ADA website.


All handicap accessible spaces should be clearly marked with the International Symbol of Accessibility and “Reserved Parking” at the head of each spot, and by painting the international symbol of accessibility on the pavement of each space. Van spaces will have an additional sign below acknowledging this space is “Van Accessible”. Accessible aisles should be painted with diagonal hatch marks to be designated as a no parking zone. These signs should be mounted no less than 60 inches from the bottom of the sign to the ground. 

Parking Spaces

Designated accessible parking spaces, the minimum space size is at least 8 feet wide, and it should have access to an aisle that is at least 60 inches wide.  Van accessible spaces should be 11 feet wide and should be adjacent to an access aisle that is also at least 60 inches wide. This aisle should be placed on the passenger side of the van.


While consistent maintenance is incredibly important on all paving projects, ADA standards require immediate repair and constant cleaning and clearing of all handicap designated spaces. These spaces should be kept clean, in good condition, and clear from obstructions at all times.

While the 2010 ADA Standards are imperative to follow, always check with your local and state guidelines to ensure that you are complying with mandates on all levels. ADA rules for healthcare facilities differ than for other businesses.

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