Tips to Minimize Disruption during Parking Lot Construction Projects

At HMA Contracting Corp. we have a long history as paving contractors in the New York area. We know that it’s important to minimize business, community, and other disruptions when a parking lot construction project is in progress. Depending on where the parking lot will be constructed, surrounding buildings, businesses, and traffic patterns may be temporarily disrupted. Keeping the impact to a minimum is important for everyone.

There are two ways to minimize the disruption during a parking lot construction project: coordination and communication. Our team of experienced paving contractors will coordinate with you and your team to carefully explain the phases and how disruptions can be minimized.

•    Improvements to out-of-the-way spaces will be completed first.
•    Parking lot construction will be timed – where appropriate – to coordinate with low traffic days.
•    One side of the parking lot will be completed first, so that the use of the entire parking lot is not affected.
•    If sidewalks will be similarly improved, it will be timed such that pedestrians have an alternative path to use.

While our team will do everything in our power to make your parking lot construction project as smooth, worry-free, and speedy as possible, we may ask for your support to mitigate the impact of the through communication, including outlining the dates and plans to other businesses and building owners in the area.

We also find the following methods to be helpful:

•    If there are more than a couple of businesses who will be impacted, we usually recommend that a coordinator be appointed to facilitate communications. Any time we spend discussing the project with other business owners and alleviating their concerns is time taken away from completing the project in a timely manner.
•    If your business – or others – have employees who can work remotely, this is a great time to implement the strategy to reduce the amount of traffic through the parking lot construction.

Both retail and service-oriented businesses can take measures to reduce customer inconvenience during the time when paving contractors are on site. Some recommendations include using rear entrances, holding special sales events, or even offering free shipping during the construction. Some projects may require very close coordination between the parking lot construction manager and your identified communications officer.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014. Our expert team of paving contractors can make sure your parking lot construction project is completely quickly while minimizing the disruption to local businesses and homeowners.