Top 5 Signs your Parking Lot Needs Maintenance —Hire a Commercial Paving Contractor Today

No commercial paving project lasts forever because even the best asphalt needs maintenance. As soon as the paving contractor leaves you with a freshly laid asphalt pavement, time begins the process of wearing it down.

The top 5 signs your parking lot needs maintenance are:

1. Cracks – all commercial paving wear and tear starts with a crack. Cracks in asphalt are primarily caused by the effects of the environment: sun exposure, moisture, and ground movement. Once a crack starts, moisture invades and contributes to making it worse by freezing and thawing.

2. Oil spots – oil spots cause your asphalt to ‘unbind’ because oil reacts with the materials that combine to give asphalt its strength. An asphalt sealant will protect your parking lot from the effects of oil drips from parked vehicles.

3. Raveling – this is when stones are coming out of the asphalt surface, giving the surface of your parking lot a very rough texture. An asphalt sealant will help stop this if the degradation is minor, but in severe cases, a commercial paving overlay may be necessary first.
4. Grass growing through – grass can actually cause a lot of problems with your asphalt. Before a parking lot is coated or cracks are filled, the grass beneath must be destroyed.

5. Base problems – if you see standing puddles on your parking lot, that’s usually a sign of a problem with the base. Water is asphalt’s biggest enemy and standing water will eventually destroy the asphalt where it sits.

At HMA Contracting Corp. we have successfully completed many commercial paving projects for businesses, universities, and homeowners. Asphalt pavement is a big part of modern life, but when a parking lot is cracked, covered in potholes, has standing puddles of water, it is neither good looking, functional, or even safe for those who are driving and walking on it. Without the help of an asphalt paving contractor, a deteriorating parking lot will only continue to look bad and become worse.

Dependable Paving Contractors to Maintain your Parking Lot

At HMA Contracting Corp. our team has been installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial paving for a wide range of property types. We can inspect your parking lot and complete any maintenance necessary to get it looking (and functioning) better.

No business owner wants a cracked, pot-holed, rumpled-looking parking lot. It creates a bad first impression. It reduces the overall property value. It also gives new business owners pause before they are willing to sign a lease and move into your property because in addition to looking bad, a poorly maintained parking lot is a safety hazard that could cause liability claims.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014. Our expert team of paving contractors will assess the condition of your parking lot and determine what needs to be done to restore it. We will give you a free commercial paving estimate. See our testimonials page for referrals from our past clients.