When April Showers Bring May Flooding – call in the Expert Excavation Contractor in NY

When spring rains are heavy, retaining walls can be eroded and storm water drains can be overwhelmed. Following heavy spring rains, HMA Contracting Corp. was called in to replace 400 feet of retaining wall used to protect several camps on the shores of Lake George ahead of the summer camping season.


The retaining walls at Lake George varied in height from eight to 14 feet. In addition, the area contained three large drywells which had been placed to capture the rain that resulted in mountain runoff before it reached the retaining walls.  Because a retaining wall such as those installed at the Lake George camping areas carry a substantial load from the retained material, they can break if they’re poorly designed or don’t include drainage built into the wall to divert the additional load of water.


A retaining wall is a structure used to hold water, soil, or other debris back and prevent it from invading a structure or an area. Retaining walls are often used to prevent significant down slope movement – also known as erosion – and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes. Retaining walls are particularly useful in areas with restricted space. Building and repairing retaining walls is a task that should be assigned to an excavation company with experience and expertise.


This particular project was designed by Schoder Rivers Associates of Queensbury, New York. It included extensive footers which were required to be pinned to existing ledge rock. The large panels were pre-cast with eight-foot tiebacks and then stacked on top of the footers to ensure a more secure placement and a longer-lasting retaining wall that should be able to withstand future rainstorms. Tieback walls are anchored with the use of cables or other stays to take the load off the wall in situations where the load may be too much for the wall.


Every site owner eventually encounters weather-related problems and in these situations, an up-to-date excavation contractor just might turn out to be the site owner’s best friend. Experienced excavation contractors have solutions that can ensure a retaining wall, as well as other weather-containing structures, last longer and function properly. In many cases, soil drainage issues can be significantly and permanently improved by the right excavation company, one that understands the weather conditions, soil conditions, and local water drainage issues in the area.


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