When Spring Rains and Flooding Cause Drainage Problems – Get Help from an Excavating Contractor

Drainage of water away from pavement has been a concern since ancient times. Surface runoff on soil occurs when the soil is either at full capacity or too dry to immediately absorb the water. Runoff on paved surfaces is different – not only can the water pick up contaminants like petroleum residue, it also needs to have a defined path to follow over the pavement.

Getting pavement drainage right takes skill and the right materials, along with a qualified excavating contractor who can prepare the site properly. The following are the goals of every drainage plan:

• Drain off excess surface water and carry it away from the pavement
• Prevent erosion of embankments
• If necessary, lower the ground water table
• Prevent water puddles on the pavement (freeze risk)

How Does A Drainage Excavator Contribute to Your Pavement’s Best Drainage?

Essentially, an experienced excavating contractor is needed to ensure proper site preparation. The contractor will survey the site and analyze your pavement’s drainage problems. The crew will remove the soil to the depth necessary for the best pavement foundation. They will also develop drainage paths to ensure that runoff from spring rains and flooding have an efficient place to go. This will help keep your pavement as dry as possible.

At HMA Contracting Corp. we recognize that keeping water off your pavement is the best way to ensure it lasts a very long time. For businesses, state parks, schools, and homeowners, you need good drainage solutions if your pavement will stand the test of time. See our testimonials page for referrals from our past clients.

How a Drainage Excavator and Porous Asphalt Combine for Dry Pavement

At HMA Contracting Corp. our team has been managing drainage problems for commercial and residential sites for many years. Working with a drainage excavator may seem like extra work and expenses, but when snow melt, spring rainstorms, and flooding causes your pavement to be continually under water, you are losing customers!

When a drainage excavator and porous asphalt are combined, you not only a well-designed drainage plan, but also the right asphalt materials to help the water flow through into the ground.

Your pavement is also at risk when it doesn’t drain well because freeze and thaw cycles can cause cracks to form and potholes follow soon after. Getting the drainage right is about more than just aesthetics; it’s about keeping your pavement in good condition.

Please contact us online or call HMA Contracting Corp. at 518.664.1014 or toll free at 855.664.1014.  Our expert team of excavating contractors will assess the drainage issues on your existing paved surface or survey a new area in which you want a well-drained paved surface. We will give you a drainage excavator estimate.