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Why Porous Asphalt is Often the Choice of Paving Contractors

When it comes time to install a new paving surface or reconstructing a paved surface, the amount of available options may surprise you. Working with a paving contractor who is experienced in your region will help ensure you are getting the right pavement – one that will look great and last a long time. In some cases, porous asphalt paving can be the best choice.

Some of the most important reasons porous asphalt is often chosen by paving contractors include:

It is a ‘cooler’ pavement choice, which relates to the open structure of the pavement itself. Porous asphalt allows water to move through it and into the ground rather than forcing rainfall into storm sewers.
It is quieter; tire noise is not reflected back as it is on conventional pavement.
It may be a less expensive choice because while the underlying stone bed is more expensive than traditional construction, the additional cost can be offset by other features, including the elimination of costly storm management systems.
It lasts long – if installed properly, porous pavements will show little if any cracking or pothole problems. 

At HMA Contracting we can recommend porous asphalt pavement for a wide range of applications. For businesses, state parks, schools, and homeowners, porous asphalt is often the commercial asphalt  of choice for paving contractors like us.

Count on HMA’s Porous Asphalt Paving

HMA Contracting has been installing new pavement surfaces, resurfacing pavements, and repairing paved surfaces for a wide variety of property types – commercial, institutional, residential. See our testimonials page for referrals from our past clients. 

No matter what surface you are trying to pave, it’s important to look at the details – like where storm water will go when it rains or the snow melts. To have clean, smooth pavement, you need to start with the best construction materials, installation and choose the right surface.  For many paving contractors, porous asphalt paving is the only choice – especially when storm water management is an issue.

HMA Contracting will provide you with a free porous asphalt paving estimate. Contact our team of professionals today!