About Us

HMA Paving and Contracting is a group of professionals who are committed to building a growing, prosperous business that can thrive and provide for the individuals who have an interest in the company, thus allowing these employees to develop and grow. The HMA team looks to do anything they can to help. Our team at HMA provides the exceptional services necessary to ensure that we add value to our client’s projects and businesses.

HMA Paving and Contracting is considered among the most respected and professional excavation and paving businesses in the Capital District – Albany, NY region. HMA serves clients up to a one-hundred-mile radius away from Albany, NY

Work performed by HMA ranges from early clearing of land, to final paving of a parking lot. All earthwork, utilities and hardscapes are completed by our team. We are a “one stop shop”.

Our clients are Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal property owners, General Building Contractors and State/Federal Agencies.

Founded in 1994, HMA is now in its thirtieth year in business. The passion for the business continues throughout the HMA team. RESPECT is our core value and we make each and every decision based on that value.

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