Parking Lot Construction and Additions

parking lot construction

Parking lots are neither the object of concern or conversation for many people, but most will make use of them on a regular basis. Often they are the first thing that people will see upon arrival to a business or residence. So, it is worth it to put some effort into the efficiency and appearance of your parking lot.

Your Paving Needs Are Our Top Concern

The construction of a new parking lot or the installation of an addition to an existing parking lot is no minor undertaking. It can be a costly and time consuming process if handled incorrectly. We understand that commercial paving can take a toll on business productivity, so we work closely with our clients to schedule construction in a manner that allows for open accessibility and timely project completion.

Constructing a New Parking Lot

When it comes to the actual construction of a parking lot, businesses will need to consider the types and frequency of the traffic the parking lot will need to handle and will need to abide by the standards set by their local and state governments. They will also determine the various permits needed for parking lot installation or expansion. If and when permits are required, engineers will need to be enlisted and designs properly created to account for various specifications such as drainage, grade, asphalt mix, depth/thickness, entry and access points, fire codes and handicap requirements. All of that aside, both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the parking lot design are very important. After all, it is the “entryway” to your business! We can use decorative stamping techniques to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your parking lot as well as assist in traffic flow efficiency and parking accessibility.

We have completed new parking lot construction for:

Schools, Commercial Business Centers, Industrial Facilities, Malls, Government and Municipal Buildings in and around the Albany, NY and Greater Capital Region for over 20 years. See what some of our customers have to say about our work.

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