Porous and Permeable Asphalt Pavement Solutions

Cost Effective and Sustainable Permeable Paving Solutions in Albany And Upstate, NY

What is Permeable or Porous Pavement?

Permeable pavement also called “Porous Pavement” is created through the use of a bonding agent which adheres pieces of aggregate together while leaving small gaps or “voids” between the pavement particles. There are different types of permeable asphalts in production right now that include recycled pavement, rubber, and glass to name a few. Two to four layers are used to complete a permeable filtration system. These layers are comprised of a bed of sand topped with a filter fabric followed by a gravel bed which is topped with the paving material.

Why Use Permeable Pavement?

Permeable asphalt is a sustainable material used to allow water to flow through its surface and permeate into the graded stone and soil below it reducing storm water run-off. As the water flows through the pavement and layered surfaces the amount of pollutants entering the ground is filtered and effectively reduced.

Where To Use Porous Pavement?

Large walkways, driveways and parking lots are the most common places you will find permeable pavements as it is best catered for low volume infrastructure. Cycle and cart paths, sidewalks, emergency access roads and road/airport shoulders are also great places to utilize permeable pavements. Although it is most commonly used for low volume infrastructure, it is also being used on high-volume roadways as a layer on top of the impervious pavement. This porous top layer helps to minimize water buildup on the roads which reduces water spray from vehicles and their chance of hydroplaning.

It can also reduce the need for deicing substances as there is less ice buildup from water on the roads.

It does have some cons such as higher implementation costs and the fact that it should not be used everywhere (due to land/soil requirements). However, the benefits may outweigh the negatives and result in it becoming the pavement choice of many.

Is Permeable Pavement a Pollution Solution?

Permeable pavement made from recycled pavement is not a solution in itself but, when used with other storm water management systems it can reduce the amount of pollution entering the ground and water supplies. Our constant need for infrastructure improvement gives us the opportunity to make things in a more sustainable way. A result is pavement recycling, one of the largest recycling efforts being made in the world at this time. Efforts like these can have a profound effect on the footprint leave behind.

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