Our Policies

Our company was founded in 1994 as a specialty paving firm. We have continued to grow and expand into the areas of site development and concrete construction. Today HMA has vast experience in custom residential, commercial and institutional infrastructure construction.

Vision Statement

HMA Contracting Corp is committed to building a growing, prosperous business that can thrive and provide for the individuals who have an interest in the company, thus allowing these employees to develop and grow.

Mission Statement

HMA Contracting Corp is committed to providing the exceptional services necessary to ensure our client’s project adds value to their business allowing them to prosper.

Safety Policy

HMA Contracting is committed to the safety of its employees and the general public. We will meet and strive to exceed all Federal, State and Local safety standards. HMA provides training and reinforces this knowledge in our weekly reminders and daily actions.


Our customers are the life-blood of the company. Each one has their own set of needs and priorities. HMA strength is our ability to respond quickly to the customer’s requirements and adapt as those requirements change throughout the project. Further, our value engineering often saves significant dollars for our clients once we get onsite.

HMA takes great pride in the level of repeat business we achieve from our customers. In fact, customers are our single greatest source for new business is through their referrals.


While the customers are the life-blood of HMA, our employees are the engine that makes our success happen. No matter what management does to secure and plan the jobs, nothing gets accomplished without HMA’s dedicated team of field employees. We hire highly skilled individuals, educate them, train them and provide them with the best tools and equipment.

Most importantly, we listen to our employees and use their ideas to improve productivity, provide a safer working environment and promote customer relations. The image of HMA the customer retains is primarily the one observed from the employees working on the jobsite.


Good business is all about a “team effort”. The relationships we develop with companies providing the necessary materials and equipment are key to this “team” effort. HMA customers expect the best from us. In turn, we expect the best from our vendors. That means providing us with competitive prices, quality materials, reliable and prompt service and exemplary behavior if personnel are on the jobsite.

Other integral team members include our banker, accountant, insurance provider and bonding company. Each member plays an essential role in allowing HMA to achieve “World Class” contracting.

Our Statement of Policy

HMA Contracting Corp. is committed to the safety of its employees. HMA Contracting Corp. will meet, and strive to exceed, all Federal, State and Local safety standards.

Training and education are keys to our safety success. From the managers and office people to the laborers and equipment operators we continually train each other in how to avoid the unsafe acts and unsafe conditions that cause accidents. We train in advance for emergency situations to be better prepared should they arise.

Everyone must work together to create a safe and healthy workplace. When you see a hazard, speak-up, take action and make suggestions. Safety is not something to keep to yourself – spread the word!