Bike Trail Contracting Company Serving Upstate and Albany, NY

HMA Paving and Contracting is a bike and walking trail construction company that serves the Upstate and Albany, NY areas. We have a long track record of taking on construction projects for commercial and municipal clients. We pride ourselves on providing timely scheduling, unequaled communication and exceptional craftsmanship on every project that we’ve worked on for over twenty-five years.

Each project begins with discussing the specifics of your project. During the discussion, one of the first points we’ll go over is how the trail will be used. There are multi-use and single-use trails so it’s important to know which one is best for your project.

Multi-use trails work if:

  • There are many primary users but only a few secondary users.
  • The trail is used in different seasons by different users.
  • Clear rules are posted about how to behave (pass, regulate speed, etc.) when encountering other types of trail users.

Single-use trails are best when:

  • You want to offer a high-quality trail experience for one type of user

Once the type of trail is decided, we’ll plan out the path, how to remove any trees, roots, and other obstacles in the way, and the materials that will be used during construction. From there we take over and begin work on the project. All you have to do is enjoy the bike trail once it is complete!

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Why We Recommend Building a Bike and/or Walking Trail:

  • Your community will be improved.
  • It is excellent for urban redevelopment.
  • It can open up remote or underused areas to the public.
  • Special events and fundraisers can include a beautiful outdoor venue.
  • It will give individuals the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

Paved bike and walking trails are perfect for walking, running, biking, or taking your dog out to get some exercise. Many people appreciate having a trail close by to safely enjoy being outdoors with friends and family. If required our experts will design and build the perfect bike and walking trail for your community.

Call us toll-free at 518-664-1014 to get a free estimate for your bike trail project. Just getting started with the planning? No problem – request a bid using our online contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.