Ditches and Culverts: Why They’re Vital to Proper Drainag

Good drainage relies on the right conditions and the right structures, and at HMA, we’re experts at both. A successful drainage system will collect run-off and funnel the water away from your paved commercial space quickly and efficiently, before it can cause damage to the surface. Water seeping beneath the surface is also troublesome, as it can erode the sub-layers of the pavement.

Ditches are used to collect runoff from paved areas, ideally in a smooth flow. Well-maintained ditches will be free of heavy vegetation like trees and weeds, have no standing water, and have enough grading to ensure a continuous stream. Grading is particularly important, since ditches with a flat grade allow water and residue to settle and fill the ditch, which is the opposite of what it’s intended to accomplish!

A culvert is an underground pipe that carries water from one side of a paved space to the other. Culverts are placed at a designated depth below the surface, and while the installation does not require a large quantity of pipe, the pipe is vital to the overall drainage system.

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