Tennis Court Construction Materials -Differences between Har-Tru and All-weather Asphalt Paving Tennis Court Surfaces

Many manufacturing companies classify their tennis court construction surfaces as either porous or non-porous, but tennis players think differently about their tennis courts. To a tennis player, there are two types of tennis court surfaces (besides grass tennis courts), and those are soft and hard courts. The newer, asphalt paving all-weather tennis courts are a huge step forward in this field.



Har-Tru or ClayTech Courts

Hard courts are the most popular in the U.S. and many are made with a product called Har-Tru or ClayTech. Har-Tru surfacing materials are made of natural green granular stone, which is crushed almost to a consistency of talcum powder and then screened. To that, a chemical binder is blended in and the mixture forms a homogenous and stable playing surface. It is then installed over a porous base of crushed stone aggregate. The Har-Tru surface is more consistent with European clay courts and the ‘hardness’ of the surface delivers exceptional durability.

This type of surfacing material combines the best of clay courts and hard courts and it’s quite popular with tennis players as well as those on the maintenance side of things. The tennis court surface most closely replicates real clay, which is easier on the player’s body. In addition, it requires less maintenance. It also resists mold and mildew and requires only a little sweeping or blowing to clear debris.

All-Weather Asphalt Paving

With advances in surface materials and tennis court construction technology, the most widely used variety of  durable  and maintenance   free tennis  court  surfaces  today are constructed   with  asphalt  paving. Given our Northeastern climate and its typical freeze/thaw conditions, this surface is especially attractive. From a cost perspective too, asphalt paving courts are affordable and low maintenance, making them a popular choice for tennis court construction.

Players like the softer surface and comfort level while playing on these courts. This comes from the “cushioning” materials that are mixed into the acrylic coating applied on top of the asphalt paving.  For older players who have concerns about their knee and hip joints, this surface is a preferred alternative to other types of tennis courts. Aesthetically too, the acrylic surfaces offer many different color options to customers who want their tennis court construction to be top of the line and pleasing to the eye.

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