End of Season Sealcoating can be Problematic

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Maintaining the sealcoating of your asphalt pavement is essential for many reasons including extending its lifespan, overall appearance, as well as maintaining the integrity of the asphalt. As the summer season turns to fall we all know winter is ready and waiting to give upstate New York frigid temperatures and an abundance of snow.

Why End of Season Sealcoating can be Problematic

Sealcoating is applied as a liquid and requires ample amount of time to dry. The sun’s UV rays help with curing the sealcoating and as we know, as seasons progress and change our daylight hours decrease.

Temperature also plays a part in helping the asphalt pavement sealcoat cure. Warmer weather helps the sealant to dry quicker, as opposed to autumn months which tend to have cooler temperatures. It is ideal to apply sealcoating when the temperature will remain above 50 degrees Fahrenheit until it has completely dried.

Additionally, a clear forecast lends a hand in helping asphalt pavement sealcoating to completely dry. Rain, even a few snowflakes, can hinder the process and cause it to not fully dry. If you were unable to have your sealcoating applied during the summer months, the forecast will play a bigger role since it will take longer to completely dry.

While it isn’t completely out of the question to have your asphalt pavement sealcoating applied after the summer season, there are a lot more factors involved. Our team of experts can help you decide on an optimal time to complete the sealcoating process. Contact HMA Contracting Corp. today for more information!