Environmentally Friendly Paving Options with HMA

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HMA Contracting is proud to provide environmentally-friendly paving options to clients. We strive to ensure that our clients have the most cost-effective products, while doing our part to help the environment. With HMA Paving & Contracting on your side, you can guarantee that you’re using the “greenest” asphalt possible!

We offer three types of “green” asphalt products:

1. Warm Mix: Warm Mix Asphalt production methods use temperatures 30 to 120 degrees lower than hot-mix asphalt. Less energy means less fuel is needed to produce warm mix asphalt.

2. Reclaimed Asphalt: Asphalt that is no longer in use is recycled to be mixed into new pours. Roughly 95 million tons of old, removed asphalt is recycled in new asphalt annually in the U.S. – that’s nearly double the combined total of recycled paper, glass, aluminum, and plastic.

3. Porous Asphalt: Porous Asphalt is made with fine grains and allows water to trickle through the surface into a stone bed below to eliminate flooding and puddles during heavy rainfall. The water then works its way in to the soil instead of flowing into landscaping, streams, rivers, and storm sewers. The size and depth of the stone bed is designed so that the water level never rises into the asphalt.

A Few More Reasons to Choose Asphalt

According to a 2005 study, asphalt pavement requires 20% less energy to produce and construct than other pavements. Asphalt pavements can be repaired and reopened to traffic immediately, which also helps minimize traffic that leads to unnecessary consumption of fuel and production of emissions.

In addition to requiring less energy, asphalt is also the most resistant paving material. Maintenance is simple, can be performed overnight, and does not require complete removal of the road or parking lot. Other paving materials, like concrete, require the road to be completely torn up and replaced once it has reached the end of its life.

By choosing one of our “green” paving options, you benefit not only the environment, but your wallet as well. Our environmentally-friendly asphalt products help to reduce our carbon footprint by:

⦁ Saving you money on fuel and energy costs.
⦁ Decreasing greenhouse gasses.
⦁ Saving landfill space.

If you want to provide quality paving for your commercial property while doing your part to help the environment, contact HMA Contracting today!