Ground Water Issues Can Be a Major Problem Area in Asphalt Parking Lots

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When it comes to asphalt-paved parking lots, it is imperative to take care of ground water concerns before it causes an issue for you or your business. Damage can lead to costly repairs and there are consumer safety issues to contend with as well.

Ensuring the proper drainage system is in place at the beginning of your pavement project will help to extend the life of your pavement and improves safety.

Some issues that ground water can create with asphalt pavement projects:

  • Safety and Liability: During the winter months ground water problems are easily attributed to slips and falls by customers and employees. Surface water on the asphalt freezes and creates liability issues for the parking lot, or business, owner.
  • Asphalt Damage: When asphalt is properly installed air pockets become compressed which reduces the potential of weakening and cracking of the asphalt surface. If this does not happen during installation water then has the ability to seep through the ground under certain pressure situations causing weak areas.
  • Sealant Problems: If the surface area is moist during the sealant application process it can cause the sealants to have an issue with drying. This, in turn, runs the risk of the sealant getting on to someone’s shoes and tracking it into your business.
  •   Potholes & Alligator Cracks: Water that has poor drainage opportunity travels horizontally across the bottom and top of the asphalt surface. By doing this, the subgrade becomes weak – allowing for potholes and alligator cracks to appear.

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