HMA’s 2023 Project Roundup

Aerial photo of project ar Creek Road

As we step into 2024, our team at HMA Paving and Contracting is looking back on a year of remarkable projects that redefined standards in the industry. From innovative infrastructure solutions to transformative paving projects, our commitment to quality, precision, and client satisfaction shines through in every asphalt laid and every construction milestone achieved. Join us as we reflect on the impactful journey that has shaped our 2023, paving the way for a future built on excellence.


Two of our HMA team members, Estimator Kyle Shader and Project Manager Jeff Otruba, successfully secured and undertook a significant project at WSWHE Boces. This month-long endeavor involved the meticulous removal of existing drainage systems, pipes, and catch basins, followed by the excavation of an impressive 33,000 square feet, along with the precise saw cutting of 200 linear feet of asphalt. The project further entailed the importation of 3,219 tons of crusher run to ensure a solid foundation. With precision and skill, the team installed new 4” HDPE storm lines, drainage systems, and catch basins, culminating in the final phase of paving. Over 700 tons of Type 3 binder and approximately 350 tons of Type 6 top asphalt were expertly laid, completing a comprehensive transformation that reflects the dedication and professionalism of our entire HMA team.

Creek Road

In the realm of asphalt excellence, our Estimator, Jack Dearborn, and Field General Manager, Gene Kluck, exhibited unparalleled dedication and expertise in overseeing a remarkable project at Creek Road. The sheer scale of this endeavor speaks volumes, as we undertook the paving of an expansive 226,512 square feet of roadway. This project not only showcased our commitment to quality but also marked a milestone in innovation with the introduction of our new Tack Coat Truck. Accompanying the impressive feat of laying down over 3,000 tons of Asphalt, this cutting-edge truck premiered by seamlessly distributing close to 1,800 gallons of Tack Coat, enhancing the durability and longevity of the entire asphalt surface. The success of this project is a testament to our team’s proficiency and our continual pursuit of excellence in every aspect of paving and contracting.

Yates Village

In a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering top tier paving solutions, Estimator Jack Dearborn and Field General Manager Gene Kluck spearheaded one of our largest projects of 2023, Yates Village. This monumental undertaking encompassed a multitude of tasks to ensure precision and durability, and the scope of work was vast and intricate, involving several critical steps. From meticulously milling approximately 18,653 square feet by 2 inches, clearing all milled areas of dirt and debris, to proof rolling the pre-graded subbase for optimal compaction, every phase was executed with utmost attention to detail. The installation process included layering various asphaltic concrete compositions, from the dense type 3 binder course covering approximately 141,284 square feet in driving and parking areas to the specific layering of 6 inches of 37.5mm superpave base asphaltic concrete, followed by 3 inches of 19mm superpave binder asphaltic concrete in the city roadway area. Our final phase was the application of 2 inches of 9.5mm superpave fine top course asphaltic concrete to ensure a flawless finish, emphasizing our dedication to precision and excellence in every square foot laid.

Saratoga Charter Spectrum

This past summer, our Estimator and Project Manager, Tom Schillinger, spearheaded a transformative project in Saratoga Springs, showcasing our commitment to precision and quality in the paving and contracting realm. The extensive scope of work of the Saratoga Charter Spectrum included the installation of two new 4′ diameter, 8′ deep drainage structures in the south lower lot, complete with H-20 load rated frame and grates for optimal control. The project also involved the installation of two encased drywells wrapped in filter fabric, strategically placed and filled with crusher run to enhance drainage efficiency. The northern gravel lot underwent a significant transformation, with the removal and backfilling of an existing tree stump and precise grading for positive drainage. Our skilled team then executed the asphalt work, applying 2″ of Type 3 binder and 1.5″ of the superior 402.12 12.5mm Super Pave Top Course. The attention to detail extended to line striping, the installation of three new schedule 40 concrete-filled Steel Bollards to replace four new bumpers, and an overlay of 23,000 square feet with a compacted 1.5″ of the 402.12 Super Pave Top Course. This project exemplifies our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that elevate infrastructure functionality and aesthetics simultaneously.

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With almost 30 years of dedicated service, and over one thousand projects completed, our expertise encompasses Asphalt Paving, Excavating/Site Development, and Custom/Specialty Surface Solutions. We understand the importance of delivering projects with the highest quality standards, ensuring a seamless transaction from planning to completion. At HMA, we pride ourselves on responsive problem-solving, critical-path scheduling, focused communication, and a team-oriented strategy that guarantees unmatched quality. As we reflect on a year filled with transformative projects, our goal remains clear: to earn your trust and confidence, inviting you to share your project story with others who seek excellence in paving and contracting services.


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