The Fundamentals of Asphalt Paving


−As Told by Experienced Asphalt Paving Contractors

The number one goal of asphalt paving contractors is to deliver an asphalt pavement that can hold the load and last as long as possible. If a road, bike trail, driveway, or parking lot is properly designed and built, it will last long and remain in good condition with just the minimum maintenance on a regular basis.

The Job of Asphalt Paving Contractors in New York

The job of an asphalt paving contractor is to build surfaces that can carry the load under all weather conditions for a specified amount of time. This job involves the following steps in order to build a good asphalt pavement:

1. Designing an asphalt paving surface that will have adequate water drainage. Standing water can weaken asphalt paving through freezing and thawing and cause cracks and splits in the asphalt paving.

2. Stabilizing the asphalt surface using an existing sub-grade or by constructing a stable base and sub-base of layers above the sub-grade. It’s upon this surface that the asphalt paving will be placed, so a good base means a better surface.

3. Constructing an asphalt pavement over the sub-grade that is thick enough to structurally support the traffic loads and properly compacted to prevent water penetration into the pavement and its base.

4. Proper compaction of the asphalt paving surface course will resist wear and deformation while being skid- resistant and resisting weather.

As you might expect, different types of asphalt paving in New York requires different levels of work at any of these steps, but the essentials remain the same regardless of the type of paving project.

Weather Conditions that Affect Asphalt Paving in New York

There are many weather conditions inherent to the area that have a significant effect on asphalt paving in New York. These weather conditions – and the problems they cause – include:

● Frost – this is a serious problem in the northeast and wherever freezing temperatures occur for prolonged periods. Asphalt paving in New York is susceptible to frost heaving, which means that the pavement heaves, or moves up and/or down, during freezing temperatures.

● Thaw – the worst aspect of the frost for asphalt paving in NY is the thaw that occurs after the greatest loss of sub-grade support is encountered.

● Sun damage – just as damaging to the human skin, sun damage causes asphalt paving damage as well. The heat and UV rays are well designed to break down the materials used to bind an asphalt surface and the traffic over the weakened surface further wears down its durability.

For all of these weather-related problems, up-to-date asphalt paving contractors have solutions that can ensure a surface will last longer and function properly much longer than older surfaces. In many cases, asphalt paving in NY can be significantly improved with the right asphalt paving contractor – one who understands the weather conditions, soil conditions, and local drainage issues in the area.

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